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Please bear with us. The Coronavirus has not only turned our lives upside down; it has turned our schedule upside down as well. With our new protocols, we have had to extend all appointments and reschedule patients from our shutdown. We are very sorry if you did not receive an ideal appointment time. With the extended appointments and booking far in advance, please try your best to keep your appointment or contact us in advance to change or cancel.

*If you have trouble getting in touch with us by phone in the next couple of weeks, please remember you can email us at email@bobbyleedds.com, or leave a message and we will return your call.

We missed you and we are excited to see you again. This is a multi-stage approach by our state government, and there will be modifications to how our "new normal" will proceed. Please read the instructions below and submit an office visit consent before your appointment.
We are continuing new protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and reduce risk of any transmission.

There will be new equipment and standards for the safety of our employees and patients. We have also installed HEPA and UV air filtration. We will be monitoring patients' temperatures and prescreening patients before treatment. New patients, please have your new patient forms filled out and insurance information submitted via email prior to your visit.

By reducing wait times and time spent in the waiting room, we plan to reduce person to person contact. We have and always will take universal precautions to ensure the cleanliness of our office and safety of our patients. Thank you so much for understanding.

  1) Please wear your mask before and after your appointment, and continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

  2) Please wait in your vehicle or outside until it is time for your appointment. We will notify you when we are ready.

  3) Please have family members or companions wait in the vehicle or outside as well.

  4) If we are not ready for you, we may instruct you to wait in your vehicle or outside, and we will notify you to come in for your appointment.

  5) Please call us if you are running early or late, so we can prepare for your entry.

  6) If you have any one of the symptoms listed below in the past two weeks or have been in contact with a person with symptoms, please notify us BEFORE you leave for your appointment.

  7) Before starting your appointment, we will take your temperature and ask you to rinse with an antiseptic rinse. Please rinse once you are seated.

  8) If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you must be cleared for 72 hours since recovery.

Sorry for any inconvenience. This will reduce risk and improve your patient experience. Your sense of well-being is as important as reducing any risk of transmission.

We want to provide some reassurance during these uncertain times and keep our office a low risk environment for infectious diseases like COVID-19. Please be reassured that we take universal precautions to protect our patients at all times against contagious viruses/pathogens like COVID-19.

Please reduce the risk of transmission of viruses. Please reschedule your appointment if you are sick or you were sick in the past two weeks. Also, maintain good hand hygiene at all times to prevent yourself and others from getting sick.

Please be reassured that we do not overload our waiting room and we keep all surfaces disinfected throughout the day.

To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we wish to minimize any exposure, COVID-19 or otherwise.

If you have any symptoms listed below or have been in contact with someone with these symptoms, please notify our office BEFORE arrival.

Acute onset fever, cough/lower respiratory symptoms, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, body aches

Helpful information from the CDC regarding prevention:


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